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  • Learn game-based, positive training methods to teach all basic obedience behaviours such as sit, down, stay, heel, come, how to settle, how to focus, polite greetings and so much more (including a couple tricks!).
  • Learn training theory so you can apply these techniques to other behaviours you wish to teach your dog.
  • Our training plans help you make weekly progress - you will be amazed at how much your dog will learn in only 15 minutes a day.
  • Need a little extra help or have questions - each lesson has a discussion forum monitored by professional trainers to answer any of your training questions.
  • You get a full year of access - you can view the course 24/7 and watch the videos as many times as you want and learn at your own pace.
  • Mobile friendly - watch on smart phones and tablets.

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Need help preventing disruptive behaviours?

  • Are you afraid your dog won't come if you let them off leash? Learn techniques that will have your dog running back to you!
  • Tired of your puppy jumping all over guests. Learn how to teach your dog to greet people POLITELY
  • Having trouble house breaking your puppy Our resources will make potty training fast and easy
  • Want a dog that doesn't pull on leash. We cover both heeling on and off leash and also heeling management tools


What does this Course Include?

  • 50 training videos with over 5 1/2 hours of training developed by internationally recognized obedience trainer, seminar presenter & sport dog competitor, Janice Gunn.
  • Printable step-by-step instructions for each lesson
  • Extensive training resources - articles on everything from potty training to nail trimming and so much more.
  • Check your understanding with our multiple choice quizzes.
  • Printable Homework checklists to help you plan and track your training.
  • You get a full year of access - watch the videos as many times as you want and learn at your own pace.
  • Certificate of Completion

Check out our Jam-Packed Curriculum Below!

Course curriculum

  • 02

    Week 1

  • 03

    Week 1 Resources

    • Marker Training - 6 Easy Steps

    • House Training Your Puppy or Dog

    • Potty Training

    • Meals & Hand Feeding

    • More on Marker Training

    • Glossary of Training Terms

  • 04

    Week 2

    • Targeting

    • Ground Tether

    • Recall - Treat Party

    • Name Game

    • Mine - Leave It

    • Shaping Heeling

    • Down

    • Week 2 Quiz

    • Week 2 Homework

    • Homework Week 2 Printable Checklist

  • 05

    Week 2 Resources

  • 06

    Week 3

    • Intro to Crate Fun

    • Crate Fun

    • Ping Pong Recalls

    • Intro to the Sit Stay

    • Settle

    • Wait for Meal

    • Checking In (Eye Contact)

    • Quiz Week 3

    • Week 3 Homework

    • Week 3 Printable Homework Checklist

  • 07

    Week 3 Resources

  • 08

    Week 4

    • Confidence Course

    • Calm Restraint

    • Stand

    • Restrained Recall

    • Collar On (Shaping a Behaviour Example)

    • Heeling

    • Go To Bed

    • Week 4 Quiz

    • Week 4 Homework

    • Week 4 Printable Homework Checklist

  • 09

    Week 4 Resources

    • Nail Trimming

    • Problem Barking

  • 10

    Week 5

  • 11

    Week 5 Resources

    • Behaviour Issues

  • 12

    Week 6

    • Trading Toys

    • Take It Leave It

    • Come Front

    • Chase It Recalls

    • Polite Greeting

    • Shake a Paw

    • Week 6 Quiz

    • Week 6 Homework

    • Week 6 Printable Homework Checklist

  • 13

    Week 6 Resources

    • Heeling Management Tools

    • Head Halter

    • Head Halter Desensitization (PDF)

    • Head Halter Desensitization

  • 14


    • Scent Game

  • 15


    • Student Survey

Meet our Trainers

Trainers Bio:

Janice is an internationally know dog trainer, top dog sport competitor and in demand seminar presenter.

She is one of the very few trainers to have ever earned a perfect score in competitive obedience. Janice has earned perfect scores at all levels of competition and with 8 different dogs!

Janice's training articles has been featured in DogSport and Front and Finish Magazines and is the author of several best selling dog training DVDs and Online Videos

Janice Gunn

Training Curriculum Developer