Homeschool Your Dogs & Puppies with Janice Gunn

Over the last 22 years Janice's TNT Training Center has helped thousands of families learn how to train their dogs and puppies.

Now she brings over 4 decades of training and dog sport competition experience to developing a comprehensive online course for puppies and dogs of any age.

Janice's course has been developed from her tried and tested, game-based, positive methods. This course is suitable for people wanting to train a family pet or start a competition dog.

This course includes 50 videos and is designed as an intensive 6 week program (but you can learn at your own pace and have a year of access). Foundation obedience features hours of informative lessons that are demonstrated with a variety of different breeds.

We provide you with printable step by step instructions so you will have everything you need to give your puppy or dog a great start!

Which Foundation Obedience Course Should I Choose?

Instructor-Aided or Self Study

  • Instructor-Aided

    Choose this version of the course if training is relatively new to you and you feel like you might want extra help and the ability to post questions to be answered by our professional trainer.

    This course includes all the videos, printable step by step instructions, resources, quizzes, printable homework checklists AND a forum monitored by our professional trainer for each lesson so you can ask unlimited questions to ensure you are on the right track with your training.

  • Self Study

    Choose this course if you prefer to self study and just want access to the training videos and other training materials.

    This course includes all the videos, printable step by step instructions, resources, quizzes, and printable homework checklists but does not include access to our professional trainer for additional help.

Meet Janice Gunn

Janice is an internationally known dog trainer, top dog sport competitor and in demand seminar presenter.

She belongs to an elite group of trainers whom have earned the very prestigious perfect score in competitive obedience. Janice has earned perfect scores at all levels of competition and with 8 different dogs!

Janice's training articles has been featured in DogSport and Front and Finish Magazines and is the author of several successful video training courses for obedience competitors.
Janice Gunn with various dogs

Janice Gunn DVD & Online Competition Obedience Training Videos

Janice shares her knowledge as a top competitor. Learn her tried and tested positive training methods.
Janice Gunn - online training videos

What TNT Students Think of Our Training

“TNT Kennels is the place that I continue to support and recommend to anyone interested in learning positive and effective dog training methods. I have known Janice for over 20 years and she and her team of instructors provide a great service to the dog training community. ”

Belgian Shepherds

Erin Moore

“I have a non-traditional obedience breed, and find myself marvelling at how well he is progressing despite the challenges we face. I highly recommend TNT to anyone who aspires to compete in the ring or ,just wants to improve their relationship with their much loved pet.”


Vicki Averil

“TNT is absolutely the place to go for expert guidance from Janice and her team of highly experienced trainers whether your goal is a well mannered/happy family pet or a top notch competitive sport dog.”