Does Your Dog
Come When Called?

Or only when he feels like it?

When he does come, does he stop just out of arms reach? Does he seem to turn off his hearing if he is with another dog or is conspicuously deaf when chasing squirrels?

We can help! We can help you create new patterns in your dog's brain so they he pays attention to you and wants to come back!

Learn the Secrets of a RELIABLE RECALL!
Dog ignoring calls to come back

Course Intro

Reliable Recall

Life is better when you have a

Picture this. You are out in the woods and your dog sees a squirrel and runs off in hot pursuit. You call your dog and he immediately stops, turns and runs back to you wagging his tail!

Our Come When Called course uses game-based, positive training methods that gradually build on the lessons before to break bad recall habits and build new patterns that will have your dog flying back to you!

Please Note: A helper will be required as many of the course exercises require two people.

Real Life Example

Check out a recent practice session at one of our in-person Come When Called classes.  Ember the Labrador showed that she could indeed come when called even when a friend was actively distracting her by playing with her favourite toy. 

Murphy the Mini-Aussie shows off her distance work in a loooong recall

Feedback from Participants

“I took the Come When Called course at the TNT Training Center and loved everything about it.

The online version of the course was such an added bonus. I could watch the videos as often as I wanted and the whole program was really easy to follow. All the exercises were set up like games so it was super fun to do and I have been recommending it to all my friends.

Ember has improved so much! She used to come if there wasn't anything more interesting going on, but now she comes even if there is another dog or some other distraction. I am way more confident letting her off leash to play now. ”

Carly & Ember

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Course Introduction

  • 02

    Week 1

  • 03

    Week 2

  • 04

    Week 3

    • Restrained Recall

    • Chase It Recalls

    • Hide & Seek Recalls

    • Squirrel Game

    • Recall to the Dog's Meal

    • Week 3 Quiz

    • Week 3 Homework

  • 05

    Week 4

    • Call off Chase Game #1

    • Be Aware Drill

    • Call of Chase Game #2

    • Week 4 Homework

    • Week 4 Quiz

  • 06

    Week 5

    • Call off Chase Game Intermediate

    • Recalls Past a Friendly Dog

    • Trouble Shooting the Whistle Recall

    • Adding (or Re-Adding) a Verbal Recall Cue

    • Treat Party Recalls (Bonus Clip)

    • Week 5 Homework

    • Week 5 Quiz

  • 07

    Where to Go From Here